Future Horizon, Inc. gives a monetary award annualy through the Temple Grandin Award to persons diagnosed with autism who have made individual achievements of any kind.

The Temple Grandin Award is given to individuals with autism, who have made a major accomplishment in the past year. Every accomplishment is worthy of nomination and every nominee is a winner.  

- How to Nominate:

1. Nominations should be no more than two pages in length, with accompanying pictures, exhibits, and other relevant information. Nominations must be received by December 31. 

2. Nominations for the Temple Grandin Award can be emailed to us through our Contact Us form button on the right or mailed to our office address below.

Future Horizons, Inc.
Attn: Temple Grandin Award
107 W. Randol Mill Rd
Suite 100
Arlington TX 76011

This year we are proud to recognize the following individuals:


Future Horizons, Inc. is pleased to award three winners with the 2021 Temple Grandin Award. This award is offered by Future Horizons, Inc. in honor of Dr. Temple Grandin. Each of the three winners has been recognized for their major individual achievements. We want to congratulate each one of them.

Luci Gabor is a Hungarian autistic street social worker at the Red Cross. A trainer by profession, during lockdown he met with autistic people several times a week. His belief in his personal development allowed him to change his environment. Luci has an impressive resume to include a BA and an MA in addition to having experience in various areas of professionalism as well as education.

Robert Marshall Boyer was not accurately diagnosed with autism until January of 2020 at the age of 39. He published his 25,000-word memoirs, a four-decade journey to get a proper diagnosis, in March of 2021. His memoirs include over a hundred photographs and is published under KRB Publishing exclusively on Amazon.

Andrew Evan Massey had an early life history of pragmatic communication difficulties and ongoing social skills difficulties His strong determination and family support allowed him to overcome his weaknesses and excel. He has several degrees including a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and he accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Health in 2020. He has made his mark on his department with his research which has also earned him awards in recognition of his outstanding research achievements along with several publications.